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Bruschetta Pancetta
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VIA LEOPOLDO LUCCHI 285 - 47521 CESENA (FC) - TEL. +39 0547 1938084

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with Alessandro Lunetta and Matteo Cassan



A lesson dedicated to the specialties of the Venetian bacari, to which we will combine exclusive cocktails.


Alessandro and Matteo will take you behind the scenes of the famous "Bacaro Tour" in Venice, you will learn how to prepare some classic Venetian cicchetti, including an exquisite risotto with cuttlefish ink.


In addition to these delicacies we will prepare together 4 exclusive cocktails in combination, such as the "All in one".


Bacaro Tour is not only a double lesson (cooking and cocktails), but a real experience.

Food & Cocktail pairing con Chef Alessandro Lunetta e Matteo Cassan bartender.


The course will take place at our headquarters in Via Leopoldo Lucchi 285 - 47521 Cesena (FC). The practical cooking courses are held with at least 18 participants and a maximum of 24. All preparations are tasted by the students

How do I sign up?

Do I pay the same night? No, to find the course well prepared, with the ingredients weighed and everything you need, ICook must know exactly the number of participants in time. Payment must then be made within 5 days of registration, by bank transfer, paypal, or cash, ATM or credit card directly in our office, in Via Leopoldo Lucchi 285, from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00, or by appointment at 05471938084

Should I bring something?

ICook provides everything you need to reproduce the recipes proposed by the chef: equipment, raw materials, water, pen, notepad, cookbook, apron (complimentary to each participant)

Remember to bring the mask and food containers to take home the prepared


* ICook informs the students that in order to contribute to the decrease of the consumption of disposable materials the plastic or aluminium food containers will no longer be distributed. Therefore, all participants in cooking activities are invited to bring their own containers to take home the leftover preparations.

useful informations:

  • starting classes: February 16 2023

  • price: 75,00 Euros

  • numbers of lessons: 1

  • lesson day: thursday

  • Master Chef: Alessandro Lunetta and  Matteo Cassan 

  • Schedule of lessons: 19:00-22:30

  • payment method: single solution with bank transfer, paypal

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